Charon’s Blade: SEMIFINALS!




The new book, CHARON’S BLADE, is available NOW!!   You can go to and get a version of it there. Or, it is also available at for both dead-tree versions and for Kindle.  Or, if you live close (in Arvada, Colorado or thereabouts) I will have hard copies soon that I can distribute.

VERY EXCITING TIMES, let me tell you. Takes a lot of work to get one of these out. Writing it is, quite literally, only the beginning.

And thank everybody for their continued support of my writing efforts and this crazy dream of mine.

Much more to say in the days and weeks to come!  Enjoy!

Some Quick Updates and Other Pointlessness

Hey!  It’s been a while, I know…

I put up a little teaser back in May, and then I went dark. Hate when that happens, don’t you? So here’s the updates….

First of all, on the writing itself, Book #7 is now about 57,000 words in. That puts it well longer than both novellas (#1 and #3), longer than Gameplan (#4), but well short of where Enemies (#2) came in. It’s a little different, too–if not fully in the genre, it at least has a nod to the Young Adult genre. And it’s a thriller. I’m pretty excited about it. I haven’t even done the first proof yet, though, so that one’s probably about six months out.

After that, who knows? Maybe… a sequel?

A sequel to what, you might ask. A sequel to what is most exciting right now–Book # 5 is in pre-production!! What is pre-production? It means many of the pieces for actual printing are in place, but not all of them, and some are in the works. Which is a nice way of saying that there is no timeline for the actual printing of this one, but I am working my way down the path to having a new book in print soon!!  I am committed to that path of action.


Just wanted to let everybody know that I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth and new works are coming soon! If you want to know more, message me–I’d love to make contact with my readers!